We are the Estonian Community Choir of San Francisco and we are based from all over the Bay Area. The choir was initially founded as a project choir to attend the Song Festival (Laulupidu) in Estonia in summer of 2019, an event that happens every 5 years, this time celebrating 150th birthday. Our choir was selected to participate among 35000 other singers and we had the joy of feeling connected to 100 000 people in the audience and many more at homes as well as extended viewing parties.

Now that the festival is over, we still come together to enjoy breathing as one to feel connected to the culture of Estonia as well as its melodic language.

Our conductor is the wonderful Crista Berryessa, who has studied runic songs (regilaul) and worked with Veljo Tormis among others well-known musicians in Estonia over 9 months. She was also a co-director of a choir that went to Laulupidu prior to meeting us. We are looking forward to attending the next Laulupidu with her.

Header photo credits: Reet Rand.